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Graduate Course Descriptions

PED 501 Sociology of Sports – Three semester hours. This course is a comprehensive study in the fields of physical education with special emphasis on current issues, trends and problems. Students will also be provided with a broad perspective on the economic, political, and social aspects of sports in the western hemisphere. Prerequisite: none.


PED 502 Fitness/Research Application and Evaluation – Three semester hours. Investigation and comparative analysis of the latest research in contemporary areas of education such as competency based education, school-based management, fitness and wellness concepts and total quality education.


PED 503 Advanced Exercise Physiology – Three semester hours. In-depth background regarding the physiological effects of physical activity on the human body. This course represents a contingency-based approach to developing additional background information and skills specific to application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation levels of learning as required by the graduate program in physical education.


PED 504 Curriculum Designs  – Three semester hours. Designed to assist with the development of specific analytical skills using various instructional constructs. The dynamics of curriculum building, formulation of a plan of evaluation and how to differentiate its components are discussed in detail.


PED 505 Procedures – Three semester hours. Develop specific skills in the total approach to self-appraisal and student success. In addition, the student is required to research the following topics and their interrelatedness: content, analysis, test-item analysis, test-banks, behavioral accountability, evaluation and computer-based instructions, mastery learning and personalized systems of instruction. Special seminars are included.


PED 506 Evaluation in PE & Sport – Three semester hours. This course is designed to enhance students understanding and ability to apply strategies used in evaluation and measurement of performance in physical education and exercise science. Emphasis will be placed on strategies appropriate for gathering data for research and assessment purposes.


PED 507 Management in PE & Athletics - Three semester hours. The purpose of this course is to promote the development of skills in planning, organizing, budgeting, supervision, evaluation and other essential management functions. Strategies for purchasing and managing equipment and facilities, maintaining a legal environment and developing effective lines of communication will also be examined.


PED 508 Psychomotor Foundations of Sport – Three semester hours. The course includes an overview of the relationships between psychological factors and motor performance; research methods associated with motor behavior and sport psychology; and review of the literature and current issues regarding the psychomotor variables related to sports participation and competitive athletics.


PED 509 Coaching Theory and Techniques – Three semesters hours. The course is deigned to expose the student to new and/or different techniques, theories and philosophies of coaching. It includes an in depth examination of the philosophies factors that impact individuals and their performance in the athletic setting. The student will develop intervention strategies, techniques and skills to enhance their physiological effectiveness in the athletic domain.


PED 512 Advanced Biomechanics – Three semester hours. This course was designed to provide the student with a generalized, qualitative approach to mechanical kinesiology or biomechanics. This course will follow a systematic program to enable the student to build a foundation for understanding the science of motion.


PED 598 Research in PE and Sport– Three semester hours. Designed to provide the student with opportunities involving the use of scholarly and scientific inquiry. Topics may be selected from various interdisciplinary areas assigned to teach education and more specifically, physical education