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Guidance and Counseling

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​School counselors are trained in school counseling only after demonstrating competence in classroom teaching. This program intends to equip students with an array of skills essential for meeting the personal and academic needs of students. Chief among these are counseling and consultation skills for working inside and outside of the public schools. School counselors are viewed as experienced educators with specialized training in the various components of school guidance and counseling, as it is employed to assist and support students in successful matriculation in their K-12 experiences. These helping professionals are expected to demonstrate knowledge in a wide spectrum of training areas. Included among these are personal problem counseling, vocational and career counseling, small and large group counseling, crisis intervention, theories of development, consultation, tests and measurements, program development and evaluation, and ethical issues. The experiences of typical day-to-day activities of school counselors are considered an invaluable component of training.This program meets the requirements for certification in K-12 school counseling.

SPE 501*   Intro. To Study of Excep. Children
PSY 502*   Desc. & Infer. Behavioral Statistics    
PSY 514    Adv. Developmental Psychology        
PSY 555    Personality Theory       
PSY 556    Group Dynamics
PSY 557    Org. & Admin. Guidance                   
PSY 558    Use & Interpretation of Tests            
PSY 559    Counseling Techniques                      
PSY 560    Occupational Psychology                   
PSY 585    Research in Psychology                     
PSY 592    Professional Orient/Issues                         
PSY 597    Counseling Practicum                         
PSY 612    School Counseling Internship 
PSY 613    School Counseling Internship                 
PSY 660    Consultation                          
Electives    6 Hours    

Comprehensive exam required
Total credit hours are 48-51 hours.

This program leads to a certification in school counseling

SPE 501*   Intro to Study of Excep. Children
PSY 514    Developmental Psychology (if not previously taken)
PSY 555    Personality Theory (if not previously taken)
PSY 556    Group Dynamics
PSY 557    Organ. & Admin Guidance
PSY 558    Use & Interpretation of Test (if not previously taken)
PSY 559    Counseling Techniques
PSY 560    Occupational Psychology
PSY 585    Research in Psychology (if not previously taken)
PSY 597    Practicum
PSY 612    School Counseling Internship
PSY 613    School Counseling Internship

Total credit hours are 18-36

PLEASE NOTE: Each course is 3 credit hours. All required courses must be completed before any internship.

*Required if not previously completed