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Collaborative Teacher Training Program

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​       The Collaborative Teacher Program is designed to prepare future teachers of exceptional children. These teacher preparation programs provide opportunity for development of:


  • an understanding of the conditions which make children exceptional, and the associated behavioral problems,

  • basic knowledge of methods of organization, curriculum development, and instructional procedures for exceptional children, and

  • experience with exceptional children through a variety of practicum activities.


Throughout the United States there is a demand for teachers trained as professionals in providing for the academic and social needs of children identified with mild learning behavioral disabilities.  The special education program described as collaborative in nature provides a comprehensive teacher training program.  The Special Education Program seeks to provide an education and scholarly environment in which both undergraduate and graduate students receive quality academic training and professional experiences that emphasize areas of exceptional children.



  • To provide training in the skills, attitudes, and technologies necessary for professional competence in a variety of educational and clinical settings

  • To provide students with opportunities to acquire an understanding of the conditions which make students exceptional

  • To provide the associated behavioral characteristics of exceptional children, basic knowledge and methods of assessment, curriculum development and instructional procedures for exceptional children.

  • To develop a knowledge of curriculum evaluation procedures for exceptional children and youth.





​ff Contact Information

Twana Green


P: 256.372.5505


Campus Location

222 Carver Complex North


Mailing Address

Special Education Program

P.O. Box 281

Normal, AL 35762