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Testing Center

The Testing Services Center serves as a central clearinghouse for student placement and assessment at AAMU. Systematic data profiles which indicate student trends are developed and disseminated to appropriate professional personnel to assist in academic advising, curriculum development, career education, and job placement.

Additionally, the Center administers agency tests as a service to AAMU and to the local constituency. Such tests include, but are not limited to, the ACT, AECTP, CLEP, COMPASS, GED, LSAT, PRAXIS, and SAT. Registration packets are available for the DAT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, NTE, TOEFL and other examinations. Information concerning tests, dates, and procedures can be obtained from the Testing Services Center, which is located in 209 New School 0f Business (NSB).







Compass is an untimed, computerized test that helps Alabama A&M University in evaluating your skills and places you into appropriate courses. ACT Compass offers tests in reading, writing, math, and English as a Second Language (ESL). You will receive your ACT Compass test results immediately upon completion of testing, and your score report will include placement messages informing you what courses you should take.


How Are ACT Compass Scores Used?


ACT Compass is not used like a traditional test. There is generally no "passing score." Rather, ACT Compass scores indicate areas in which you are strong and areas in which you may need help. Thus, ACT Compass can identify problems in major subject areas before they disrupt your educational progress, giving you the opportunity to prepare more effectively for needed courses. You and Alabama A&M University can use scores from ACT Compass tests to prepare a course of study that will be appropriate, relevant, and meaningful for you.


How Can I Arrange to Take the ACT Compass Tests?


Alabama A&M University gives ACT Compass during S.O.A.R. to incoming freshmen who have already applied and been admitted to the school. Remote testing* is available for student not able to attend an on campus S.O.A.R. session, Call 256-372-5653 for Remote testing locations, registration, and estimated proctoring fee.


CLEP Test Dates:


CLEP is given by appointment. Appointments must be made in the AAMU Testing Office at least a day in advance of testing.


Save Time. Save Money. Take CLEP.
The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) gives you the opportunity to receive college credit for what you already know by earning qualifying scores on any of 34 examinations. Earn credit for knowledge you've acquired through independent study, prior course work, on-the-job training, professional development, cultural pursuits, or internships.




How CLEP Helps You



  • Save time. Depending on your college's CLEP policy, a satisfactory score on a CLEP exam can earn you from 3 to 12 college credits.
  • Save money. The cost of a CLEP exam is $100 (The Fee is comprised of a $20 administration fee charged by Alabama A&M University and a $80 testing fee), a fraction of the tuition and fees for the corresponding course.
  • Make college more interesting. Skip general introductory courses and move on to more advanced classes, or explore new and challenging academic areas.
  • Graduate on time. CLEP can help you to the finish line if you're a few credits shy of graduation.
  • Satisfy a proficiency requirement. Demonstrate your ability in college math or a foreign language.

GED Scores and Transcripts:

If you need a copy of the GED certificate you must complete the GED Form 3 and mail it to Montgomery, AL with the appropriate fee(s). If you need a copy of the scores you can use either the GED Form 3 or the AAMU GED Transcript Request form and mail it or bring it to the AAMU Testing Services Center:
GED - Testing Services Center
P. O. Box 549
Normal Alabama 35762-0549

GED Test Dates:





The GED is administered based on appointments established at
Students must pre-register to take the GED.  The GED is computer based and the cost for the entire test is $120.  Retest fees are $30 per part to re-test.  Fees and registration must be done online at You will be required to create an online account in order to complete the registration process.​




GED Tests cannot be taken online; beware of web sites and other sources that tell you otherwise.

You can take the GED Tests almost anywhere in the United States and Canada and internationally at any of the 3,400 Official GED Testing Centers, but you cannot earn a GED credential (sometimes called a diploma or certificate) on the Internet.



For specific GED infomation: Click Here



















































































































Major Field Test



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Testing Services Center


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209 New School of Business (NSB) 

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