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Required Informaton for Exchange Scholars and Students

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In order to facilitate expeditious processing of visa entry papers for those approved or selected for coming to Alabama A&M University, the following should be provided to the Office of International Programs, along with a copy of evidence of approval for the appointment by an authorized School or University supervisor.


   1. Name - Family name, First name, and Middle initial.

   2. Sex

   3. Date of Birth - month, day and year.

   4. City of Birth

   5. Country of Birth

   6. Country of Citizenship

   7. Country of Legal Permanent Residence

   8. Position in the Country of Legal Permanent Residence

   9. Expected Start Date and Length of Stay

  10. The Specific Disciplinary Area of Exchange Activity

  11. Source and Level of Support Per Month or Year

  12. Other Sources of Support, If Any, and How Much per Month.


Evidence of Health and Accident Coverage During Exchange Visit for exchange visitor and any accompanying family members. Please submit translated copies of proof of insurance that is in a language other than English and that the proof includes amounts in USD that are equivalent or above the U.S. Department of State's required minimum amounts of coverage (Medical Benefits - $50,000 per person per accident or illness; Repatriation of Remains - $7500; Medical Evacuation - $10,000; Deductible must not exceed $500 per accident or illness. Be sure that each of these coverages and amounts are clearly stated in English on the visitor's proof of insurance.


Copy of scanned picture page of passport (page with picture, name, birthdate, etc.). Please make sure that this is included in the request so that the spelling of the exchange visitor's name is correct. SEVIS requires the name on the DS-2019 to be exactly the same as the one on the visitor's passport.


Those who may be accompanied by their immediate family members should provide similar information for each member of the family. If further clarifications or additional information is needed, please contact the Office of International Programs.



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