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Tutorial Assistance Network!


The Tutorial Assistance Network (TAN) team is dedicated to retaining and graduating Alabama A & M University students. We provide tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (SI)  to help students:
       - increase their understanding of course materials;
       - increase their performance in their courses;
       - improve their academic performance; and
       - network with other students in their subject area. 
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About TAN
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Schedule A Tutoring Appointment

Use our new GradesFirst system to schedule your tutorial appointments.

Step 1: Request your GradesFirst username and password from Dawm Miles at

Step 2: Log in to Grades First using the username and password emailed to you.

Step 3: Schedule a tutor by selecting the Schedule Tutor Appointment link in the Take Action column to the right of the course for which you want tutoring.

Step 4: Select a location, date, time and tutor for the course. If no locations are available, it means no tutors are available for your course.

Step 5: If a time is shown as open, click on the time to schedule that date and time for a tutorial session. Note: If a time is labeled as drop-in, you may visit the tutor without an appointment.

Step 6: Email the TAN Program Specialist at if you need additional assistance.

What is SI (Supplemental Instruction)?
Fall 2016 SI Schedules
SI review sessions are informal.
SI is a place to network and form study groups
- Students who attend SI sessions regularly usually improve their grade
- SI learning can help you learn how to study better for your courses

Fall 2016 Tutoring Schedules

Log into GradesFirst using the instructions provided above to schedule a tutoring appointment. If you did not receive your GradesFirst activation email, please contact Dawn Miles at

​Thank you for choosing TAN!




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Math Online Tutorial Resources


Contact TAN

McClellan headshot.jpg
Linda Skeete McClellan, M.S.
Program Specialist
276 Councill Hall
Normal, AL 35762
Office Hours:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm