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Special Student Services:  The University's Role

  • the university should ensure that all otherwise qualified students with disabilities are provided with opportunities for full participation; the provision of these opportunities may require certain adjustments.  The obligation is the university’s, not the student’s.


  • the university is required to provide appropriate accommodations for all otherwise qualified students with disabilities who request it.


  • the university must include otherwise qualified students with disabilities when identifying barriers to equal opportunity.  The university must ascertain what constitutes a barrier on an individual-by-individual basis.

  • the university must make information regarding program activities available to all members of the campus community in ways appropriate for different disabilities.


  • the university must provide grievance procedures for students with disabilities.  These procedures are usually handled through the Special Student Service office in conjunction with the Vice President for Student Affairs office whose decision would be the university’s final response.


    • the university should ensure that the following medications are made if circumstances so indicate:

      • changes in the length of time permitted for completion of degree requirements;

      • substitution of specific courses required for the completion of degree requirements;

      • adaptation of the manner in which specific courses are conducted;

      • alternate testing procedures.