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CFEA Participants

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CFEA Partner Institutions​​

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CFEA Researchers

Callie Jo Schweitzer, Ph.D.​​

Monday Mbila, Ph.D.​, Associate Professor

Colmore Christian, Ph.D.​, Assistant Professor

Rory Fraser, Ph.D., Professor​

Elica Moss, Ph.D.​, Research Assistant Professor

Thilini Ranatunga, Ph.D.​, Research Associate Professor

Ermson ​Nyakatawa, Ph.D.​, Research Assistant 


Wubishet Tade​sse, Ph.D.​, Associate Professor​ 

Irenus Tazisong, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor

Xiongwen Chen, Ph.D.​, Associate Professor

Khairy Soliman, Ph.D.​, Professor

Yong Wang, Ph.D.​, Professor​ 

Kozma Naka, Ph.D.​, Associate Professor​

Zachary Senwo, Ph.D.​, Professor of Environmental and Soil Sciences

Luben Dimov, Ph.D.​, Associate Professor


CFEA Staff

​Lisa Gardner​​              

Kimi (Mila) Sangalang​

Andrew Cantrell​

Dawn Lemke

Daryl Lawson​

​Penny Stone



CFEA Current Students

​Santosh Ojha (PhD; Advisor Dr. Dimov)

Kevin Messenger (PhD; Advisor Dr. Wang)​

​Brandie Stringer (MS, 2014; Advisor Dr. Wang)

Padraic Conner (MS, 2014; Advisor Dr. Wang)

​Rashidah Farid(MS, 2014; Dr. Soliman)

Jonjala Jackson (MS; Advisor Dr. Moss)

Iwo Gross (MS; Dr. Wang)

Dessy Owiti (MS; Advisor Dr. Tazisong)

​Fetun Desta (MS; Advisor Dr. Soliman)

​Eric Margenau (MS; Advisor Dr. Wang)

​Heather Howell (PhD; Advisor Dr. Stone)

Richard Borthwick (MS; Advisor Dr. Wang)

​Gete Bekele (PhD, 2014; Advisor Dr. Wang)

Lorenzo Walton (MS; Advisor Dr. Naka)


CFEA Graduates

Timothy Baldwin (PhD, December 2013; Advisor Dr. Wang). Dissertation: 

Andrew Can​trell (MS, May 2011; Advisor Dr. Wang). Thesis: 

Clint Patterson (MS, May 2011; Advisor Dr. Dimov). Restoration of Hardwoods: Effects of Fertilizer Supplement on Oak and of Overstory Density and Fertilizer Supplement on American Chestnut Seedlings. Master’s Thesis. Alabama A&M University, Normal, Alabama. 

Jeanette Williams (MS, May 2011; Advisor Dr. Dimov). Thesis: 

Szmanski (Rick) Fields (MS, May 2011; Advisor Dr. Tadesse). Thesis: 

Lisa Gardner (MS, December 2010; Advisor Dr. Wang). Stopover Ecology of Migratory Landbirds at an Inland Site in Alabama During Autumn Migration. Master's Thesis. Pp 198. Alabama A&M University, Normal, Alabama. 

Dana Virone (MS, December 2010; Advisor Dr. Dimov). Ground Layer Response to Thinning and Burning on the Southern Cumberland Plateau, AL. Master’s Thesis. Pp 66. Alabama A&M University, Normal, AL.

William Sutton (PhD, May 2010; Advisor Dr. Wang). Dissertation: 

Meiko Thompson (PhD, May 2010; Advisor Dr. Moss). Dissertation: 

Chelsea Scott (MS, 2008; Advisor Dr. Wang). Use of natural and artificial vernal pools by semi-aquatic salamanders in the Cumberland region of Jackson County, Alabama. Master’s Thesis. Pp 110. Alabama A&M University, Normal, AL.

Jill Wick (MS, December 2008; Advisor Dr. Wang). Forest Disturbance: Breeding Ecology Response of Songbirds. Master's Thesis. Pp 138. Alabama A&M University, Normal, Alabama. 

Florence Chan (MS, 2007; Advisor Dr. Wang). An inventory of herpetofauna on state conservation lands in the Cumberland Plateau of northern Alabama. Master’s Thesis. Pp 120. Alabama A&M University, Normal, AL.

Zachary Felix (PhD, May 2007; Advisor Dr. Wang). Response of forest herpetofauna to varying levels of overstory tree retention in northern Alabama.​ PhD. Dissertation. Pp 166. Alabama A&M University, Normal, AL.

Joel Zak (MS, May 2007; Advisor Dr. Dimov). Ground vegetation response to environmental conditions and silvicultural treatments on the southern Cumberland Plateau, Alabama. Master’s Thesis. Pp 112. Alabama A&M University, Normal, AL.

Kelvin Young (MS, 2007; Advisor Dr. Stone). Effects of Forest Disturbances on Small Mammal Communities at Bankhead National Forest of the Cumberland Plateau.​ Master's Thesis, Alabama A&M University, Normal, Alabama. ​

John Carpenter (MS, May 2007; Advisor Dr. Wang). Distribution, Relative Abundance, and Habitat Requirements of Cerulean Warblers (Dendroica cerulea) in Northern Alabama. Master’s Thesis. Pp 122. Alabama A&M University, Normal, Alabama. 

Adrian Lesak (MS, May 2005; Advisor Dr. Wang). Thesis: 


This is a Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology, funded through the National Science Foundatio​n​  (grant #  1036600).   ​​