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Dedrick Davis, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor

Soil Physics


Program Area Affiliation:  Environmental, Soil, and Water Sciences


Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

CCS-TW Room 207

Alabama A&M University

Normal, AL 35762


Phone:  256-372-4187



Degrees Earned

Ph.D. Soil Science and Environmental Science.  2012. Iowa State University.

M.S.  Soil Science. 2005. Iowa State University.

B.S.  Environmental Science (Soil Science).  2003.  Alabama A&M University.



Soil Physics (NRE 461/561), Advanced Soil Physics (NRE 751), and Irrigation and Drainage Systems (NRE 494/594)


Research Interests

Coupled heat, water, and solute transport in soil; soil management and cropping systems impact on soil physical properties; impact of agricultural and industrial byproducts on soil physical properties; agricultural and urban water management.