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Karnita Golson-Garner, Ph.D

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Research Assistant Professor/Extension Environmental Specialist

Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resources Management, Alabama Cooperative Extension System


Program Area Affiliation: Environmental Soil and Water Sciences


Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Alabama A&M University

Dawson Building, Room 234 and Carver Complex, Room 215A

P. O. Box 967
Normal, AL 35762


Phone: 256-372-8331 or 256-372-4982

Fax: 256-372-5429/256-372-5840

E-mail: and



Degrees Earned

Ph.D.  (May 2009) Major: Plant and Soil Science (Focus: Environmental & Water Science)         

Dissertation: Assessing Soil and Water Quality in the Indian Creek and Huntsville Spring Branch Watersheds 

M.S.    (May 2001) Major: Plant and Soil Science (Focus: Soil Science)                                  

Thesis:  Evaluating Modified Rainfall Erosivity Factors in the Universal Soil Loss Equation 

B.S.    (May 1997)  Major:  Environmental Science - Minor: Chemistry


Teaching Education and Outreach Goal

To deliver research-based environmental education and outreach programs that stimulate societal change and lead to more environmentally conscious lives for Alabama citizens.


Research Interest

Dr. Golson-Garner’s main research topics entail examining the impacts of natural and anthropogenic activities on soil and water quality.

Her current work uses a watershed-based approach to examine soil, sediment, and water in the Indian Creek, Huntsville Spring Branch, Flint River, and Flint Creek Watersheds of North Alabama to ascertain whether current pollution levels should be of concern for these areas.  The work also focuses on assessing environmental processes and investigating the spatial and temporal variability of physicochemical properties and their impact on pollutant levels in the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems with these watersheds.