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Monday Mbila, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor

Soil Science

Program Area Affiliation: Environmental Soil and Water Sciences


Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Alabama A&M University

CCS-TW Room 204

P. O. Box 1208
Normal, AL 35762

Phone: 256-372-4185

Fax:    256-372-5429


Degrees Earned
Ph.D. Soil Science. 2000 Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011

 M.S.  Soil Science. 1993. University of Gent, Gent, Belgium.

B. Sc. (Honors) Agriculture. 1988. University of Nigeria, Nigeria.

I teach the following courses: Introduction to Soil Science (NRE 251, Lecture and Laboratory Sections), Soil Morphology, Genesis, and Classification (NRE 350), Soil and Water Pollution (Undergraduate Senior, NRE 472), Soil and Water pollution (Graduate NRE 572), Soil, Plant, and Water Analysis (NRE 470), and Advanced Soil Classification (NRE 735). For more information about my classes, please visit my class’s website at

Research Interests

My general research interests are in soil ecological and contaminant processes, pedogenesis and soil classification, and clay mineralogy transformation chemistry. My specific research interests however are in the following areas: Soil genesis and the role of soil forming factors in the redistribution of environmental contaminants within the soil profile; Trace metal and solute fluxes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems; Soil carbon and nutrient biogeochemical cycling patterns in disturbed ecosystems.