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Wubishet Tadesse, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor, Remote Sensing/GIS
Program Coordinator – Environmental, Soil, and Water Sciences

Coordinator of GIS Certificate Program


Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

CCS-TW Room 209

Alabama A&M University

P. O. Box 1208
Normal, AL 35762

Phone: 256-372-4252

Fax:    256-372-5429


Degrees Earned
Ph.D. 2001, Alabama A&M University

NRE 365 Introduction to GIS ; NRE 478/578 GIS, Spatial Analysis, and Modeling; NRE 775 Advanced Principles of GIS; Remote Sensing of Environment I; Quantitative Approach to Remote Sensing; Remote Sensing of Environment II. GIS Certificate program

Research Interests

Dr. Tadesse’s main research focus is on land-use land-cover change detection modeling and environmental quality assessment using satellite and aerial remote sensing and GIS techniques within a human ecological theoretical framework. Other research interests include modeling of the impacts of climate change on agricultural and forest ecosystems, the implications of scale and scaling in remote sensing and modeling analyses, and human-environment interactions. The main focus is to identify new methods of utilizing remotely sensed data to improve land resource management. This includes automated feature extraction with expert systems.