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Kozma Naka, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Forest Operations and Measurements  KNaka.jpg


        143 Agricultural Research Center

         100 Drake Dr.

         Alabama A&M University

         Normal, AL 35762


         Phone: (256) 372-4235

         Fax: (256) 372-8404




Degrees Earned

        Ph.D. 1998, Virginia Tech

        M.S. 1986, University of Tirana



Wood Products, Biostatistics, Forest Mensuration, Forest Operations, and Forestry Field Techniques


Research Interests

Forest operations, forest products, forest management.


Dr. Naka’s research includes effects of pine slash on understory vegetation, biomass harvesting, timber prices and export, sprout management, and goat silvopasture. Past research included development of market potentials for non-timber forest products, forest policy analysis, linear programming models in forest management scheduling, quantifying forest stand tables using diameter distribution functions, and several rangeland restoration projects.