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Yong Wang

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        Yong Wang, Ph.D., Professor
        Biometry and Wildlife Ecology
        145 Agricultural Research Center
         P. O. Box 1927
        Alabama A&M University
        Normal, AL 35762

         Phone: (256) 372-4229
         Fax: (256) 372-8408
         E-mail: or
Degrees Earned
 Ph.D. 1993, University of Southern Mississippi

Statistics, Applied Multivariate Analysis, SAS Program, Principles of Experiments, Regression Analysis, and Advances in Ecological Research.
Research Interests
Behavioral ecology of avian migration; wildlife and habitat relationships and conservation; natural resource modeling with statistics, Geographic Information System (GIS), and remotely acquired data. 
Dr. Wang’s recent research efforts include (1) stopover ecology of migratory birds at the southern Cumberland Plateau of northern Alabama; (2) wildlife (amphibians, reptiles and birds) response to anthropogenic habitat and landscape alternations such as forest management practices and urbanization; (3) breeding distribution and biology of Cerulean Warblers; (4) classification of  land types for forest management based on GIS, remotely sensed data and statistical models; and (5) avian biology and conservation in China.  Dr. Wang’s research has been supported by organizations or agencies such as NSF, USDA, Forest Service, EPA, State of Alabama, TNC, and private landowners.  Dr. Wang’s students have received various scholarships and awards from agencies such as NSF, EPA, NASA, and USA.   
Five Recent Publications
Felix, Z., Y. Wang, and C. Schweitzer. Experimental canopy manipulation affects amphibian reproductive dynamics in the Cumberland Plateau of Alabama. J. of Wildlife Management: Accepted.
Xu, J. L., X. H. Zhang, Q. H. Sun, Z. W. Zhang, and Y. Wang. Home range, mobility, and site fidelity of male Reeves’s Pheasants in a managed reserve in the Dabie Mountains of Central China. Wildlife Biology. In press.
Ma, Z. J., Y. Wang, X.J. Gan, B. Li, K. Jing, S. M. Tang, and J. K. Chen.  Change and loss of wetland habitats and waterbird population trends at Chongming Dongtan of the Yangtze River estuary, China.  Environmental Management 43:1187-1200.
Stone, W. and Y. Wang. 2008. An innovative wildlife program for minority students.  The Wildlife Professional Vol. 1 (4):36-37.
Wang, Y., A. A. Lesak, Z. Felix, and C. J. Schweitzer. 2006. A preliminary analysis of initial response of an avian community to silvicultural treatments in the southern Cumberland Plateau, Alabama, USA.  Integrative Zoology 3:126-129.
Five Other Significant Publications
Wang, Y., J. C. Chang, F. R. Moore, L. Y. Su, L. M. Cui, and X. F. Yang. 2006. Stopover ecology of red-flanked bush robin at Maoershan of northeast China. Acta Ecologia Sinica 26:638-646. 
Wang, Y., and F. R. Moore. 2005. Long-distance bird migrants adjust their foraging behavior in relation to energy stores. Acta Zoologica Sinica51(1):12-23.
Wang, Y., and D. M. Finch. 2002. Consistency of mist-netting and survey during landbird migration.  Condor 104:59-72.
Wang, Y., D. M. Finch, F. R. Moore, and J. Kelly. 1998. Stopover ecology and habitat use of migratory Wilson's Warbler. Auk 115:829-842.
Wang, Y., and F. R. Moore. 1997. Spring stopover of intercontinental migratory thrushes along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Auk 114(2):263-278.