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Departmental Research

The Department of Food and Animal Sciences has faculty with split teaching and research appointment.  Faculty member primarily utilize the summer term to compose publications, seek funding, conduct workshops and research.  To see an individual faculty member's area of expertise please view the attached PDF file

If you wish to contact individual faculty members concerning potential research collaborations please visit our Faculty Members page to view the various areas of interest listed under each faculty member's name.

Research and Teaching Facilities and Equipment

​The video found here displays the high levels of technology within the laboratories of Alabama A&M University's Department of Food & Animal Sciences.  Another route to view the equipment available and the capabilities of the Department you may view this PDF file. If you have any questions regarding facility or equipment use please feel free to contact Dr. Martha Verghese, Interim Department Chair.


Currently funded research projects for faculty in the Department include:

   HPL-Based Ethics Education for Life Science and Engineering. Collins, J., Cebert, E., Fraser, R. and Verghese, M.  NSF.  $399,990. 2011 (3 years)

  Enhancing recruitment and retention in Animal Science to build capacity in Pre-Veterinary Medicine at AAMU. Abdelrahim, G., Correa, J., and Vizcarra, J. USDA. $149,916. 2011 (3 years)

  Strengthening the Small Ruminant Extension Program at Alabama A&M University. Correa, J., Leite-Browning, M., and Spencer, R. USDA. $223,068. 2011 (2 years)

  Building Abilities of Students, Faculty and Alabama A&M University through Workshops in Food & Animal Science.  Herring, J., Abdelrahim, G., Banerjee, P., Boateng, J., Verghese, M., and Vizcarra, J.  USDA. $148,519. 2011 (3 years)

  A National Food Safety Education Program: building a multidisciplinary food safety training pipeline from K-12 to graduate school.  Wiedmann, M., Verghese, M., Ramirez, A., Olikver, H., and Roberts, A.  AFRI. $1,963,436. 2011 (3 years)

  Undergraduate Research and Mentoring in Biological Sciences (URM). Sharma, Moss, Kantety, Vizcarra, Banerjee, Wang.  NSF. $1,000,000. 2010 (5 years)

  Enhancement in Minority Participation in Functional food product development in food science programs.  Verghese, M, Boateng, J., Herring, J., Banerjee, P. and Walker, L. USDA. 2010. $149,976 (3 years) 

  Enhancement of minority student participation in food safety.  Banerjee, P., Verghese, M., Bhunia, A., Okafor, F. and Kantety, R.  USDA.  $149,838. 2008 (3 years)

  Advancing Food Science in Pre-Post secondary education.  Verghese, M., Boateng, J., Herring, J., and Walker, L. USDA. $199,987. 2008 (3 years)