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Nigel Chimbetete, M.S. Student

Nigel Chimbetete

Graduate Research Assistant

115 Chase Road NW

Normal, Alabama  35762


PHONE: (662) 278-9477

FAX: (256) 372-5432






·     ·         B.S. Chemistry, Rust College, Fall 2013



·         My objective in my research is to identify the different beneficial agents in the spices (Cinnamon, Cloves and Cardamom) that can be useful in eliminating or protecting against metabolic syndrome.  The use of spices and herbs is steadily increasing because of the pharmaceutically active ingredients which are found in them.  The spices and herbs contain polyphenols which are natural defense agents for plants but also are very beneficial to humans because of their antioxidant properties.  Cell culture will be performed on mouse hepatocytes and data and results will be collected and recorded as per finding.



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