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Animal Sciences Concentration


The Animal Sciences Concentration encompasses the science and management of domestic species, including physiology, reproduction, genetics, nutrition, marketing and production of livestock.  Our concentration is consistent with the institution’s land-grant mission of teaching, research and extension.  With excellent faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, work and research opportunities, the concentration has all the resources that are necessary to give students an education in the ever-growing field of Animal Sciences.


Our concentration, firmly built under the Food Science B.S. program, has been carefully designed to provide practical livestock skills balanced with basic scientific knowledge to qualify students from an urban or rural background for employment in a wide variety of animal-oriented occupations.


Different options are available in the Animal Sciences concentration including courses in poultry physiology and endocrinology, animal breeding and genetics, animal nutrition and feeding, reproductive physiology, and livestock production and management.  In addition, as part of the Animal Sciences concentration's curriculum, students can enroll in the pre-vet program.  The pre-veterinary medicine program prepares students for admission to all veterinary colleges in the United States.


Our facilities and our mission

The Department of Food and Animal Sciences is located in the Carver Complex with over 20,000 square feet of laboratory and office space.  Our Animal Sciences faculty conducts research in the Carver Complex, and in two on-campus areas away from the headquarter buildings.  The Poultry and Rabbit facilities are located on high ground overlooking the campus, and animals are used for research, teaching, production and processing.  The Winfred Thomas Agricultural Research Station, located 7 miles north of campus, houses the ruminant animal research activity with sheep, goats and beef cattle including the The Small Ruminant Outreach Center.  Additionally, the recently constructed Agribition Center provides facilities to accommodate several activities, such as, horse shows, rodeos, livestock shows, class reunions, and faculty meetings.

Students without an agricultural background are welcomed into our department as we recongize the need for shared and varied experiences.  In fact, due to our low student to faculty ratio, students get to know their teachers, easily connect with friends, have fun, grow professionally, and feel comfortable in their coursework.  At the same time students may join clubs such as the Block and Bridle Club, the Dairy Challenge Group, Fraternities and Sororities, the American Society of Animal Science, and the Poultry Science Association.

Given our resources, including excellent classrooms, research laboratories, and substantial livestock numbers, our mission is to provide students with an education that encourages creative thinking and develops knowledge and skills in the field of animal science.  Our faculty work closely with students as they learn to apply scientific principles to the production of beef, dairy, swine, goat, sheep, poultry and companion animals such as dogs and cats.  An academic advisor is always available to help students select classes and design an educational program to fit each individual's career goals.


Job Opportunities.

As students join our program, they may take a part-time job to help pay for their education.  Some of the jobs include animal feeding, data processing, and general help with laboratory procedures.  Internships are also available with companies specializing in animal production.  Students that undergo an internship gain substantial hands-on experience that helps in the development of skills for future job openings.


A concentration in Animal Sciences, will give students the ability to open many paths to finds good jobs and productive careers.  Some examples of job areas include:


  • Poultry and allied industries;
  • Feed and feed additive sales and technical services;
  • Cooperative Extension Service;
  • Processing and marketing of livestock products;
  • Biotechnology;
  • Animal Breeding Companies;
  • Banking for agricultural ventures;
  • Quality control and regulatory compliance;
  • Feed Manufacture/Nutrition;
  • Extension Education; and
  • Sales.


Or you may choose to continue your education and become one of the following professionals:


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine;
  • Medical Doctor;
  • Pharmacist;
  • Lawyer; or
  • Research Professional



Join us


Come and join our growing population of students pursuing a degree in Animal Sciences.  We invite you to learn more about our program by contacting the Department Chair, Dr. Martha Verghese or a faculty member in the Animal Science program such as Drs. Jorge Vizcarra or Gamal Abdelrahim.




Contact Information

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