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Degree Programs


Alabama A&M University program offerings are listed below in alphabetical order.   

To view program content, please access the Bulletins here.

​Program ​Degree(s) ​Concentrations ​Minors
​Accounting ​B.S. ​Accounting
​Biology ​B.S., M.S.

Crop Science
Environmental Health
Plant Science
Pre-Professional Health
Teacher Certificate 6-12
​Business Mgt & Administration B.S., M.B.A.

​International Business
Management Info Systems
General MBA
​Business Administration
International Business
​Chemistry ​B.S. ​Forensic Chemistry
Pre-Professional Health
Teacher Certificate 6-12
Forensic Chemistry
​Civil Engineering
​Communications Media ​B.A. ​Operations
​Communicative Sci & Disorders B.S., M.S.

​Computer Science ​B.S., M.S.

​Computer Science
Cyber Security
​Construction Management
​Criminal Justice ​B.S. ​Criminal Justice
​Cultural Studies ​B.A. ​Middle East
​Education, Elementary ​B.S., M.Ed.

​Education, General
​Education, Pre-Elementary ​B.S., M.Ed.

​Education, Special B.S.​ ​Early Childhood Tchr Cert P-3
Collaborative Teacher Cert K-6
Collaborative Teacher Cert 6-12
​Electrical Engineering ​B.S.E.E.
​English ​B.A. ​English Lang Arts Tchr Cert 6-12 ​English
​Entrepreneurship ​B.S.
​Environmental Science ​B.S. ​Agricultural Science
General Environmental Science
Environmental Health Science
Soil Science
​Environmental Health
Remote Sensing/GIS
​Family & Consumer Sciences ​B.S., M.S.

​AMD - Fashion Design
AMD - Fashion Merchandising
Human Dev & Family Study
NHM - General Dietetics
NHM - Hospitality Mgt
Teacher Certificate 6-12
​Apparel, Merch & Design
Family Financial Planning
Fashion Design
Fashion Merchandising
General Dietetics
Hospitality Management
Hum Dev & Family Study
Nutrition & Hosp Mgt
​Finance ​B.S. ​Finance
​Food Science ​B.S.
​Animal Science ​Food Science
​Forestry ​B.S. ​Forest Management
Forest Science
Wildlife Biology
​General Art B.S.​ ​Graphic Design
Studio Art
Visual Arts Tchr Cert P-12
​Art History
Graphic Design
Studio Art
​General Studies ​B.G.S.
​Instructional Leadership ​M.Ed.
Interdisciplinary Studies ​B.S., B.A.
​Logistics & Supply Chain Mgt ​B.S.
​Management ​B.S. ​Entrepreneurship
​Marketing ​B.S. ​Marketing
​Materiel Engineering ​M.Eng.
​Mathematics ​B.S. ​Teacher Certificate 6-12 ​Mathematics
Applied Statistics
​Mechanical Engineering ​B.S.M.E. ​Manufacturing Systems
Propulsion Systems
​Music ​B.M. ​Business
Piano Pedagogy
Choral Teacher Cert P-12
Instrumental Tchr Cert P-12
​Music, Instrumental
Music, Choral
​Physical Education
​B.S. ​Sport Management
Teacher Certificate P-12
​Physics, General ​B.S., M.S. ​Teacher Certificate 6-12 ​Physics
Space Science
​Physics, Applied ​Ph.D.
​Plant & Soil Science ​M.S., Ph.D.
​Political Science ​B.A. ​General Soc Sci Tchr Cert 6-12 ​Political Science
International Relations
​Psychology ​B.A. ​Psychology
​Psychology, Counseling
M.S​. ​Clinical Psychology
Counseling & Guidance
Rehabilitation Counseling
​Reading ​Ph.D.
​Social Work ​B.A., M.S.W.
​Sociology ​B.A. ​Sociology
Sport Management ​B.S.
​Urban & Regional Planning ​B.S., M.U.R.P.
​Urban Planning
​Minors with no Major History
Concentrations with no Major
​Military Science