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Dr. A. K. Batra

Research Interests

Nanostructures Materials: Growth, Characterization, and Applications in Sensors; Chemical Sensors; Crystal Growth; Microgravity Research, Thin/Thick Films; Nanocomposites; Pyroelectric, Piezoelectric, Photo-thermal and Photovoltaic Devices; Relaxors and Nonlinear Optical Materials.


  • Office: 141 V. M. Chambers Bldg. Labs: 136;138; 032
  • Phone: (256) 372-8109 Fax: (256) 372-5622
  • E-Mail:

Recent Publications

  • 1.      Growth and electrical characterization of the lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate (PMN-PT) single crystals for piezoelectric devices, F. Kochary, M. D. Aggarwal, A. K. Batra, R. Hawrami, D. Lianos and A. Burger , Journal
  • of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 19 (2008)1058.

  • 2.      Triboluminescent materials for smart optical damage Sensors for space applications, M. D. Aggarwal, B. G. Penn, J. Miller, S. Sadate and A. K. Batra , NASA Technical Memorandum  NASA/TM-2008-215410 (2008) 1-13.

  • 3.      Growth and characteristics of schiff base organic nonlinear optical crystals, T.Gebre, A. K. Batra, K. Bhat, M. D. Aggarwal, B. G. Penn and M. E. Edwards, JOAM 2(2008) 578.

  • 4.      Studies on the Thick-film Organic Vapor Sensors Based on Binary Metal Oxides, A. K. Batra, J. R. Currie, M. D. Aggarwal, R. B. Lal, M. E. Edwards, and A. Vaseashta, JOAM (in press)

  • 5.      Micro- and nanostructured metal oxide chemical sensors for volatile organic compounds, M. A. Alim, B. G. Penn, J. R. Currie, A. K. Batra and M. D. Aggarwal, NASA Technical Memorandum, NASA/TM 215579 (2008) 1-49.

  • 6.      Solution growth and characterization of single crystals on earth and in microgravity , M. D. Aggarwal, J. R. Currie, B. G. Penn, A. K. Batra and R, B, Lal, NASA Technical Memorandum ,NASA-TM-215187 (2007) 1-63.

  • 7.      Impedance Studies of Polycrystalline Tin Oxide. James Currie, Ashok. K. Batra, Mohammad A. Alim, Manmohan D. Aggarwal, and Ravindra B. lal, J. Mat. Sci: Mat. Electronics, 18 (2007) 433 

  • 8.       Polymer-Ceramic composite materials for pyroelectric infrared detectors: an overview, M. D. Aggarwal, J. R. Currie, B. G. Penn, A. K. Batra and R, B, Lal, NASA Technical Memorandum NASA/TM, 2007, 215190 (2007) 1-43.

Research Group and Collaborators

Dr. A. K. Batra; Dr. Padmaja Guggilla; Mr. Jason Stephens; Mr. John Corda; Dr. M. Curley, Ms. K. Bhat Dr. J. R. Currie Jr. (NASA-MSFC), Dr. B. G. Penn (NASA-MSFC); Prof. A. Vaseashta (Marshall Univ.); Prof. S. Kotru (UA)