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Graduate Degree Program

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​The primary mission of the Department of Physics is teaching and research of the highest quality at the graduate level for students pursuing their higher studies leading to Master‘s and Ph.D. degrees in Physics. The Department provides an excellent educational experience for the graduate students who work in high technology research in optics/materials science/space sciences programs and provides outreach and service as an academic institution. The Department of Physics strives to provide support for its faculty in utilizing their expertise to the benefit of the regional, national and international scientific communities.


To offer specialization in optics/lasers and material science areas of applied physics as well as space sciences and train qualified students for careers in academics, government, and in industries which are heavily involved in space sciences research as well as research and development in the areas of modern optics, lasers, optical communication and in the science and applications of new materials. To increase the opportunities for students, teachers and scientists in the United States and, particularly, in North Alabama to obtain training in the area of physics and applied physics.