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Dr. Nickolai Kukhtarev

Research Interests

Sensors based on photo-emf and dynamic gratings, Optical trapping for biomedical application, Ferroelectric and pyroelectric materials, Optical properties of liquid crystals and polymers, Photorefractive physics, Optical actuators.

Office: 104 Carter Hall
Phone:             (256) 372-8118      

Recent Publications
  1. N.V.Kukhtarev, T.Kukhtareva, M.E.Edwards, J.Jones, M.Bayssie, J.Wang, S.F.Lyuksyutov and M.A..Reagan "Smart photogalvanic running-grating interferometer", Journal of Applied Physics , V, 97, 054301 (2005)
  2. N.Kukhtarev, T.Kukhtareva, ,M.Bayssie, J.Wang and J.D.Brownidge, "Generation of focused electron beam by pyroelectric and photogalvanic crystals", Journal of Applied Physics, v.96,No.11, 6794 (2004)
  3. P.P.Banerjee, M.R.Chatterjee, N.Kukhtarev and T.Kukhtareva, "Volume holographic recording and readout for 90-deg geometry", Optical Engineering,v.43,No.9,pp 2053-2060 (2004)
  4. Yu. P. Gnatenko, A. O. Borshch, N. Kukhtarev, T. Kukhtareva, I. O. Faryna, V. I. Volkov, P. M. Bukivskij, R. V. Gamernyk, V. I. Rudenko, S. Yu. Paranchych, Optical, photoelectric, and photorefractive properties of Ti-doped CdTe crystals J. Appl. Phys. 94(8) 4896 ( 2003)
  5. W.-C.Su, C.-C.Sun, N.Kukhtarev, "Multiplexed edge-lit holograms", optical Engineering,v.42,No.7, p.1871 (2003)
  6. N.Kukhtarev, T.Kukhtareva, Holographic Recording in YALO3:Mn crystal, Optical Memory Neural Network, Vol.12, No.2 , (2003)
  7. P.P.Banerjee, P.Buranasiri, N.V.Kukhtarev, T.V.Kukhtareva, V.I.Polejaev, M.F.Gunther, Self pumped phase conjugation, higher order diffraction and image correlation using barium titanate, Proc of SPIE., Vol 4803, 74, 2002
  8. N.Kukhtarev, T.Kukhtareva, E,Ward, J.Jones, S.Sarkisov, M.Curley "Interaction of microorganisms (fungi and bacteria) with optical and electronic materials', SPIE Proc., Seattle, (2002)
  9. N.Kukhtarev, T.Kukhtareva, M. Bayssie D.Frazier, B.Penn, H.Abdelaem et al Photo-induced Optical and Electrical Pulsations and Pattern Formation in Photorefractive crystals, Proc. of SPIE, Annual Meeting, Seattle, 2002
  10. N.Kukhtarev, T.Kukhtareva, M.Edwards B.Penn, D.Frazier, H.Abdeldayem, P.P. Banerjee, T.Hudson, W.A.Friday Photoinduced Optical and Electrical High-Voltage Pulsations and Pattern Formation in Photorefractive crystals,(invited paper ), JNOPM, Vol.11, No.4 (2002)