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The Summer Sophomore Mathematics Program (SSMP)

SSMP, a Program under the NSF sponsored AAMU HBCU-UP project, is designed for Alabama A&M University students who need additional preparation in mathematics, especially in gate courses and who are behind the normal sequence of course offerings. For SSMP, we will select 25 students during this summer. We will offer MTH 125 and MTH 126 for these students. Students should have a 2.5 overall GPA and at least a C in prerequisite courses and be behind in the sequencing. Students having B or better average will not be admitted. Participants will be provided one hour instruction/recitation for each of these two courses. Upon successful completion (having a C or better grade) of the program, students will receive a $500.00 stipend for participation. For more information please contact Dr. Mohammed Karim at (256) 372-4835 or Dr. Mostafa Dokhanian at (256) 372-8131.

Fill in the Application Form for the 2011 SSMP.