The Michael P. Anderson Summer Outreach Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you choose the students for the program?
    Before presenting a committee with the application packets, we remove eny incomplete packet. The committee then makes a decision based on meeting the requirements and seeing an interest from the student.
  2. Is there a fee associated with this program?
    No. This is a FREE program to you and your child/children! NASA and Alabama A & M University's College of Engineering, Technology, and Physical Sciences absorb the costs as well as the transporation, meals, and accomadations for the particiapnts.
  3. Is there a stipend assocaited with this program?
  4. Is there a residency program?
  5. What are the hours of the program?
    The program starts promptly at 8:00 each morning and is over at 4:00 unless otherwise noted. Sometimes we have field trips and other events that may last longer than our allotted time, but we will notify you in advance.
  6. Is it mandatory to attend the Parent meeting on the Sunday before the program starts?
    Yes. There are certain rules and regulations we want you, the parent, to be aware of. Also it will give you a chance to meet the faculty and staff that will be working with your child/children.
  7. Can I sign up my niece/nephew/grandchild, he or she will be staying with me for the summer?
    Yes. You are welcome to sign up a relative that will be staying with you for the summer.
  8. Should I send my child with money?
    Yes. Although we provide a fee free progam, there may be things or services that your child would like to do or participate in that may not be available through the program. For example, there is both a snack and drink machine in the building that the students will have access to if they choose to. The MPASOP does provide lunch daily for the participants
  9. Does my child have to participate in all of the events scheduled for the program?
    Yes, it is strongly recommended that you inform your child that all events are mandatory unless sickness prevents him or her from being able to participate in the field trip.
  10. Is my child going to interact with college students?
    Your child will interact with some college students throughout the corse of the program. There are student workers for the program, NASA interns, Guest Speakers, as well as staff in Arthur J. Bond Hall. Other than these instances, we do not encourage communication between our program participants and College students.
  11. How can I submit the application packet?
    1. You may fax the application to 256.372.5580
    2. You may email the application to
    3. You may mail in the application to:
    4. MPASOP
    5. P.O. Box 1148
    6. Normal, AL 35762
  12. If you have any more questions that are not listed, please feel free to call:
    1. Michelle Cunningham
    2. 256.372.8284

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