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New Graduate Degree Programs

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Alabama A&M University Launches New Communications Specialist Graduate Degree Program (MS)

After receiving approval from the Alabama Higher Education Commission and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Alabama A&M University is set to enroll its first class (Fall 2014) in the new Communication Specialist Program (MS).  The new program is specifically designed to provide organizations with employees skilled in the communicative processes of information transfer, negotiation, problem-solving, persuasion, team building, and leadership.  Communications Specialists help people, groups or organizations build and maintain favorable relations with others.  Since this usually involves interaction with the public, Communications Specialists are sometimes referred to as Public Relations Specialists.  These professionals use a wide variety of media or methods to accomplish their goals, which may include advertisements, newspapers articles or profiles, speeches, events press conferences and television shows.  For more information on the Communication Specialists Program contact Dr. Jennifer Vinson at 256-372-4035.

  • Choice of three academic program tracks (Business, Psychology/Counseling, or Telecommunications)

Masters of Science (MS) in Kinesiology

On June 14, 2014 the Alabama Commission on Higher Education approved Alabama A&M University’s request to offer the Masters of Science (MS) in Kinesiology.  Pending final notification to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools the new program will start in January 2015.  The primary objective of the Kinesiology program is to provide students with an understanding of how physical activity (including sport and exercise) impact and are affected by various physiological, mechanical, and psychosocial aspects of human health and performance.  For more details about the new degree program please contact Dr. Rodney Whittle at 256-372-8260, or email: