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New Students: Questions & Answers

I have been accepted to attend Alabama A&M University - now what?

First, smile and congratulate yourself!  Your next critical step is to complete your Enrollment Response Form as soon as possible. Just Click Here to enroll online today.


Do I have to attend S.O.A.R. (Student Orientation And Registration)?

Yes. However, if you are unable to attend one of the five orientation sessions during June or July, you have other options. You may contact the Testing department and schedule to take the COMPASS Test remotely. You may then meet with your academic advisor using Skype. Please keep in mind, there may be a fee associated with taking the test remotely. Also, you can wait until your arrival in August and complete S.O.A.R. during Bulldog Days Orientation.  Of course, the on-campus orientation is our preference for you.


What should I bring to S.O.A.R.?

You will need to prepare for an overnight on-campus stay. Students are advised to bring bed linens or a sleeping bag. Housing however, is only available for S.O.A.R. participants. Parents or guardians can select from hotel suggestions online. Be certain that you pack adequate clothing, medications, toiletries, and other necessities needed for a trip away from home.  You will be sent an online link to more information about S.O.A.R. once you register for a session.


How will I know how much I’ve been awarded from Financial Aid?

After successfully completing your FAFSA, you will receive an Award Letter from the AAMU Office of Financial Aid.  The letter will detail the amounts of specific aid for which you are eligible.  You and your parents must select the aid that you are willing to accept.  The aid will not automatically transfer to your account.  You must accept it first.  Your Award Letter will include instructions about how to accept your offer.  Read it carefully. 


What happens if I don’t have enough money to cover my bill (tuition, fees, housing, etc.)?

Please understand that federal financial aid is used to help you cover the cost of attending college.  Rarely does it cover your entire bill.  You must be prepared to cover your remaining balance through personal resources if you don’t have enough funding . You may also consider the no-interest installment payment plan administered through our business office.  The key is to start early!


How can my best friend and I become roommates at AAMU?

First, you both must be accepted to the university and pay the Enrollment Response Fee. Then, you both must complete your Housing Applications and pay the Housing Application Fee and deposit, preferably at the same time. 


I do not have a car, how will I get around campus and the city?

We have our own Bulldog Transit System, better known as the BTS on campus.  It provides on campus transportation and limited off-campus transportation.  It’s a great system and our students use it daily.


Do you offer R.O.T.C.?

Yes, we have an excellent Reserve Officers Training Corps program.


What scholarships do you offer?

We offer the following institutional scholarships, endowed scholarships and grants:

·   The Presidential Scholarship

·   The Merit Scholarship

·   The Grant-In-Aid

·   Departmental Scholarships

·   Alumni Endowed Scholarships

·   Advancement Scholarships

·   University Foundation Managed Scholarships

Applications and details for all these scholarships can be found online on the Financial Aid webpage. Just click on “Scholarships”.  We offer a common scholarship application for your convenience.  It allows us to match your credentials with the scholarships that we award.


My parents and I completed the FAFSA. We were selected for “verification”. What exactly does that mean?

Verification means that the federal government selected your financial aid application to be verified for accuracy. The Office of Financial Aid must then collect certain documents before your file can be fully processed.  Actually, nothing further can be done with your file until you complete the verification process.  In other words, the Department of Education will not release your information to the university. It is therefore best to complete the verification process as soon as possible.   You can learn more by watching the Financial Aid Tour on the DVD.


Is there a deadline for submitting my financial aid information to the university?

No.  We do not impose a deadline, but we do have a priority date of March 1st of each year. Meeting this deadline positions you to be offered the maximum financial aid package for which you are eligible.  Remember that many funds are categorized as first-come, first-serve.


What is the latest date that I can pay tuition and fees?

Your tuition and fees must be paid before you begin classes.  Starting and finalizing your Financial Aid process is the key to meeting this timeline. Don’t forget that you also have payment options.  Inquire early!


Who will be my Point of Contact should I need assistance after being accepted?

You Admissions Assistant will serve as your Point of Contact.  You should have already received emails from them by now.  We suggest that you e-mail them with your concerns rather than calling.  Email will get you a more efficient response in most cases.


 What is the best time to visit the campus?

We have two annual events that are ideal opportunities to visit the campus.  Our High School Senior Day is presented during football season. We host high schools seniors and their families for a day of full activities.  We also host an Open House in March.  Both are well attended.  Visit for more information.  You may register online for both events.


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