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Grant-In-Aid Questions and Answers

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Alabama A&M University

Grant-In-Aid Awards and Packages


1. What are the Grant-In-Aid Awards and Packages?

Grant-In-Aid Awards are institutional awards designed to assist parents and qualified students with defraying the cost of attending AAMU. 


2. Is the GIA award the same as a scholarship?

A GIA is similar in that you must meet specific requirements to receive an award and maintain specific scholastic requirements for renewal. Unlike institutional scholarships, the GIA does not offer a grace semester when a student fails to maintain the GPA requirement. The grant is automatically forfeited when such happens. One very important note is that GIA awards allow more students the opportunity to receive assistance from the institution.


3. What is a GIA package?

A GIA Package is created by combining merit based "grants" plus a book allowance with other financial aid resources. The package typically begins with the Pell Grant. 


4. I do not qualify for the Pell Grant, am I still eligible for the GIA Award?



5.Is the book allowance in addition to the grant amount?

Yes. The book allowance covers book expenses up to $500, which equals $250 per semester. However, a carry-over of un-used amounts is not permitted. 


6. How long will I receive the Grant and what requirements must be met each year to maintain the award?

A Grant cannot exceed 8 semesters. You must maintain the same requirements as initially required to receive the grant.


7. What are the GIA amounts?

The actual grant will be merit based and limited in number. Grants will range in value from $1000 to $3000 per year. The total value of the Grant-In-Aid Packages however will depend on the additional financial aid for which a student qualifies.

GIA packages will be designed to cover up to the direct cost of attendance for expenses such as tuition, room, board, books (up to $500 maximum) and mandatory fees. No refunds will be generated as a result of GIA awards.


8. What are the academic requirements to receive the Grant-In-Aid?

The GPA and ACT/SAT requirements vary for each level of the grant.$1,000 - GPA

  • $1,000 - GPA 2.50 - 2.99 (Must be an Alabama resident to receive this level)

                  ACT 17 and above

  • $3,000 - GPA 3.00 - 3.24

                      ACT 17 and above

  • $4,500 - GPA 3.25+

                      ACT 17 and above

    Students receiving a GIA must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours.

    9. Is there a separate application for this award?

    No, there is no separate application. To be considered for a Grant-In-Aid award, you must be accepted to the university AND you must complete all financial aid requirements by the extended March 15 priority date.

    10. May I receive multiple Grant-In-Aid awards?

    No, you will only be eligible for one GIA offer. However, your GIA package may include grants not awarded by the institution such as the Pell Grant as well as external scholarships.

    11. What Financial Aid information is needed to qualify for the Grant-In-Aid packages?

    The GIA packages are limited in number and will be on a first come- first served basis. Therefore, in order to be considered for any of the Grant-In-Aid awards.

       1. You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form

           (FAFSA) for the 2014-2015 school year prior to March 15, 2014.

       2. You must include our Federal School code, (001002), on your FAFSA 


       3. You must provide all requested supporting documentation to the Office of

           Student Financial Aid prior to March 15, 2014.

    Note: You must meet all deadline requirements even if selected for verification.

    12. Will I have to repay the grant?

    You will not be required to repay the grant. However, the grants alone will not cover your entire cost to attend the university. The grants will be combined with other financial aid resources. Some, such as federal loans, will require repayment.

    13. How will I know I have received the Grant-In-Aid Award?

    You will receive a Financial Aid award letter which will include the amount of your grant.

    14. Who do I contact if I have further questions regarding my Financial Aid or Grant status?

    You may contact the AAMU office of Admissions at 256-372-5250 with questions regarding the requirements to receive the grant. Or you may contact the AAMU Office of Student Financial Aid with general financial aid questions at 256-372-5400.