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​How much will I have to repay when I withdraw from school?

The amount of repayment depends upon the number of days that you attend school in the term, the type of financial aid that you received, and whether or not Alabama A&M University (AAMU) refunds your tuition and fees.  The portion of the term that you do not attend represents the portion of aid that is determined to be unearned.  If you are receiving loans only and AAMU refunds the full amount of your tuition and fees, you will only be required to repay your lans in accordance with the regular repayment schedule.  All other students who withdraw prior to completing over 60% of a term must repay a portion of their federal financial aid.  A prorated schedule is used to determine the amount of Title IV funds a student has earned at the time of withdrawal.


A student begins earning Title IV funds on the first day of attendance.  Even if a student withdraws before the last day to register (prior to disbursement of funds), AAMU must perform a R2T4 calculation using the number of days the student was in attendance.


If it is determined that a student has ceased to attend class(es), an official withdrawal will be calculated using the last determined date of attendance or the mid point of the term.


When will I have earned 100% of my federal financial aid?

If you initiate withdrawal procedures after completing more than 60% of the enrollment term, you will have earned 100% of your federal financial aid for that term and no repayment is required.  Any unearned Title IV funds must always be returned within 45 days of the date the school determined the student withdrew.  If you are only enrolled in courses that are shorter than the full length of the standard term, the date that you have earned 100% of your federal aid will vary.