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​Faculty Senators 2015-16

  • Dr. Mohammad Alim, Electrical Engineering

  • Ms. Marjorie Battle, Early Childhood and Elementary Education

  • Dr. Sudip Bhattacharjee, Civil Engineering

  • Dr. Susan Brown, Commications Media

  • Dr. Ernie Cebert, NRES

  • Dr. Emeka Dunu, Logistics

  • Dr. Lynne Edmondson, Health and Human Performance

  • Dr. Adnan Elkhaldy, Chemistry

  • Mr. Jay Gangasani, Computer Science

  • MAJ. Brian Glenn, Military Science

  • Dr. Joshua Herring, Food Science

  • Dr. Jeanette Jones, Biology

  • Dr. Mira Kruja, Music

  • Ms. Rhonda Lang, Mathematics

  • Dr. Brian K. Leonard, Management and Marketing

  • Dr. Sha Li, Secondary Education

  • Dr. Everton McIntosh, Psychology and Counseling

  • Dr. Jifeng Mu, Marketing

  • Dr. Jacob Oluwoye, City, Urban, and Regional Planning

  • Ms. Esther Phillips-Ross, Communicative Sciences and Disorders

  • Dr. Halima Quershi, Economics and Finance

  • Dr. Marius Schamschula, Physics

  • Dr. Thelma Townsend, English