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Honors Convocation

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Due to a technical error, it was necessary to revise the previous honors listing. Please view the corrected version of the 2017 honors report. Only the students listed will be recognized at the Academic Honors Convocation.


See the links below for information about Convocation.



Academic Honors Convocation

  *  Students are only eligible to receive ONE medallion

  *  Students will receive each award that was earned, however, students will only be RECOGNIZED by their HIGHEST award at the Honors Convocation.

  * All awards are based on a student’s full-time enrollment in regular academic coursework. Students enrolled in the following developmental/transitional courses are INELIGIBLE: Reading (EDU 100/EDU 010), Reading with Lab (EDU 100L/EDU 010L), College Reading (EDU 150/EDU 011), Developmental English (ENG 100/ENG 010), Developmental Mathematics (MTH 100/MTH 010), Fundamentals of Mathematics (MTH 101/MTH 011), Intermediate Algebra (MTH 105/ MTH 012), Modern Mathematics (MTH 013). Pass/Fail and Incomplete grades are not included.

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