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·         Maintain test material security.

·         Review the Testing Services Alabama A&M University academic honesty policy, which is available at:

·         Verify candidate’s identity: review a current government issued photo ID with a signature.

·         Collect any necessary fees associated with the administration of the exam from the student prior to the start of the testing session.

·         Provide a quiet, distraction-free place in which the student may take the exam, and I will make basic equipment (i.e. desk, chair, computer) and materials available to take the exam.

·         Monitor candidates AT ALL TIMES during assessments.

·         Verify compliance with Test Center and Agency rules: i.e. candidates may not use cell phones, beepers, or other electronic devices.

·         Provide descriptive reports and appropriate actions for irregularities: Power failure, timing issues, candidate disturbances, and/or cheating.

·         Personally mail or fax the completed testing materials/certification to the Testing Center or Agency, within 24 hours.