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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

The new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) was underway! The plan is designed to improve student learning at Alabama A&M University in order to satisfy the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges' (SACSCOC) requirement for reaffirmation in 2014.  We look forward to your participation with the 2014-2019 QEP. (Dare to Think!)


What is the QEP?

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a five (5) year plan that describes a carefully designed course of action that addresses a well-defined and focused topic related to improving students' learning.  The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC) requires each of its member institutions to develop a QEP as a component of the accreditation process (Core Requirement 2.12).


How is Student Learning Defined?

Student learning is defined by SACSCOC as a change in: 

Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors or Values


What are the Components of a QEP? 

Broad Based Process: The institution must use a broad-based institutional process for identifying key issues emerging from institutional assessment.

Focus of the Plan: The institution must identify a significant issue that focuses on learning outcomes and/or the environment supporting student learning and accomplishes the mission of the institution.


Institutional Capability for the Initiation and Continuation of the Plan: The institution must provide evidence that it has sufficient resources to initiate, implement, sustain and complete the QEP.


Involvement of the Community:  The institution must demonstrate that all aspects of its community were involved in the development and proposed implementation of the plan.


Assessment of the Plan: The institution must demonstrate that it has goals and a plan to assess their achievements.




"The QEP

is HERE!"


Bonnie McQuitter Banks

Director, QEP
P. O. Box 553
Normal, AL  35762