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Tutorial Assistance Network (TAN)

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Welcome to the Tutorial Assistance Network (TAN)! Review what students are saying about TAN services, tutors, and SI leaders. Then click HERE to move to our main page.


Student Testimonials

  • She was a wonderful tutor. She thoroughly answered all my questions and concerns.~Kevin, Junior

  • He is great. Very smart and knows the subject very well. I will make appointments with him in the future.~Aquanita, Freshman

  • Excellent tutor. Very smart and kind.~Jakeira, Junior

  • Very good at tutoring Chemistry and makes it an easy subject. I recommend anyone to come to a session.~Kiara, Freshman

  • Writing my essay was so easy when she started helping me! I'm positive that I will do great on it.~Krystin, Freshman

  • My tutor was fast and efficient with the material I needed help with. I will definitely come back if I need extra help.~Mayra, Senior

  • I understood the material better after going over the notes given. I had a difficult time learning because of my own interpretation.~Brandon, Freshman

  • Tutor does a very good job with me in Math and helped me improve my test grade to an 81 average.~Jasmine, Freshman

  • The tutor was the bomb dot com!!!~Diamond, Junior