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Dedrick Davis, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Soil Physics

Karnita Golson Garner, Ph.D, Research Assistant Professor

 Co-Coordinator, Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resources Management, Alabama

 Cooperative Extension System

Dawn Lemke, Ph.D. Research Associate

 Center for Forest Ecosystem Assessment

Regine Mankolo, Ph.D, Research Assistant Professor

 Soil and Environmental Chemistry

David A. Mays, Ph.D.,  Adjunct Professor​


Monday Mbila, Ph.D , Associate Professor

 Soil Science

Elica Moss, Ph.D,  Research Assistant Professor

 Environmental Science/ Soil Microbiology

Ermson Nyakatawa, Ph.D, Research Assistant Professor

 Soil Science

Thilini D. Ranatunga, Ph.D, Research Associate Professor

 Environmental/Analytical/Soil Chemistry

Zachary Senwo, Ph.D, Professor and Director of Biological & Environmental    Sciences Research Programs

Wubishet Tadesse, Ph.D, Associate Professor

 Remote Sensing/GIS Program Coordinator

Irenus A. Tazisong, Ph.DResearch Assistant Professor

Soil Biogeochemistry