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Past and current research activities in the ESWSP

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  1. Arsenic sorption/speciation and arsenite oxidizing/resistance genes in soils

  2. Ecosystem Functions and Processes in Disturbed Forest Ecosystem: Biogeochemical Nutrient Cycling Dynamics

  3.  The Coupled Dynamics of Human and Landscape (CD) of forest ecosystem

  4. Heat induced structural changes in soil organic matter and black carbon distribution in a prescribed burned forest ecosystem and effects on climate change

  5.  Dynamics, transformation, and storage of dissolved organic matter in poultry litter applied agricultural soils & environmental effects

  6.  Enhancing biological weed and disease management and soil Health, for sustainable organic vegetable production

  7.  Trends and emerging issues in soil microbial ecology: Challenges and opportunities

  8.  Sustainable silvopasture systems for small and limited resource farmers in the southeast U.S.

  9.  Cumulative effects of drought and urbanization on the Flint River watershed Ecosystem: Integrated Research, Education, and Extension

  10.  Alabama Mesonet Weather Stations

  11.  Geospatial data analysis Center for Forecasting Drought and Flood and expansion of the Alabama Mesonet (ALMNet) at AAMU

  12.  EPA Center of Excellence in watershed management

  13. Integration of Remote Sensing, and Geographic Information Systems (GlS) in developing geospatial database

  14. Assessing non-native invasive vegetation at reclaimed surface mine sites of the Southern Cumberland Plateau and Mountain Region

  15.  The Use of LIDAR and color Infrared imagery to measure forest characteristics in the William B. Bankhead National Forest, Alabama

  16.  Integration of remote sensing, geographical information systems and neural networks to develop land use change model in urbanizing watersheds of north Alabama

  17.  Urbanization and loss of prime agricultural land in north Alabama region: A remote sensing and GIS-based study

  18.  Spatial Decision Support System for Urban Storm Water Management and Water Quality Assessment

  19.  Assessing the effect of urbanization on water quality in the Flint River Watershed using Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies 

  20. Analysis of Prime Agricultural Land Loss in 12 North Alabama Counties from 1950-2000 using GIS and Remote Sensing

  21. Kinetics and Mechanisms of Heavy Metal Retention/Release in Geochemical Processes in Soil 

  22. Mercury in manure and toxicity to environmental health 

  23. Ergosterol content of Bankhead National Forest soil; Fungal biomass determination

  24.  Determination of adenylates (ATP, ADP, AMP​) as a proxy for bacteria in​ forest soils

  25. Soil microbial community structure and enzymatic potentials of White Rot Fungi in a forest ecosystem 

  26. ​​Enzymes in the Environment: Biochemical Functions, Activities, and Applications

  27. Susquehanna Shale Hills CZO project Research Collaboration-NSF in collaboration with Penn State University​