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Ernst Cebert, Ph.D

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Reseach Associate Professor

Plant Breeding & Genetics


Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

CCS-TW Room 205

Alabama A&M University

P. O. Box 1208
Normal, AL 35762

Phone: 256-372-4243

Fax:    256-372-5429



Ph.D. - Purdue University

M.S    - Alabama A&M University  

B.S     - Alabama A&M University

Current Appointment: Research Associate Professor, Department of Plant and

Soil Science, Alabama A&M University,(August 2001). Breeding and promoting 

winter canola for the southeastern United States

Synergistic Activities

  • Breeding and selecting Canola cultivars for adaptation in northern Alabama and the Mid-south region with the use of classical breeding and molecular markers for use in phytoremediation, as winter-forage, as green-vegetable, bio-diesel and seed-oil


  • Teaching courses in plant science, plant breeding, molecular biology serving in graduate students’ research committee and advising undergraduate students
  • Establishing bio-energy feedstock production and processing research program at AAMU

Dr. Cebert received his PhD. in Plant Breeding & Genetics at Purdue University, in 1998. While at Purdue his Research work in plant breeding involved hybridization of wheat and oats for disease resistance, cold tolerance, adaptability and yield. Further work on “Genetics Analysis of Hessian Fly Resistance Gene in Durum Wheat yielded the discovery of a new gene (H26) for resistance to the Hessian fly. In 2001, he was appointed as a Research Assistant Professor, in the Department of Plant and Soil Science, Alabama A&M University, where he initiated a winter canola breeding program for adaptation in Northern Alabama and the Mid-south region with the use of classical breeding and molecular markers. The project involves creating new canola lines for specific uses in: phytoremediation, winter-forage, leafy-green-vegetable, chemopreventive evaluation and as a feedstock for biodiesel. Other activities include: screening and evaluating non-traditional crops as feedstock for biofuels and to create a bio- energy crop rotation system; working to establish an interdisciplinary Alternative Energy Research Center at Alabama A&M University; evaluating biodiesel production and its added-value co-products for small farms. In collaboration with the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, Dr. Cebert developed a mobile Biodiesel Classroom on Wheels to provide educational demonstration of small scale biodiesel production.