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Job Opportunities

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As students join our program, they may take a part-time job to help pay for their education.  Some of the jobs include animal feeding, data processing, and general help with laboratory procedures. Internships are also available with companies specializing in animal production.  Students that undergo an internship gain substantial hands-on experience that helps in the development of skills for future job openings.


A bachelor’s degree in Animal Bio-Health Sciences will give students the ability to open many paths to find good jobs and productive careers. Some examples of job areas include:


Feed Manufacture, Sales and Technical Services

Pharmaceutical Sales and Technical Services

Animal Breeding Organizations


Processing and Marketing of Livestock Products

Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance

Banking for Livestock and Pet Ventures

Cooperative Extension Service

Government Administrative or Technical Services


Or you may choose to continue your education and become one of the following professionals:


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Medical Doctor

Clinical Laboratory Professional


Research Professional