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What the Alabama A&M University Writing Center Has to Offer:

More about what the Writing Center has to offer includes engaging students in a wide range of activities.  Each semester and academic calendar year, the AAMU Writing Center conducts English 101 Practice Essays - which are geared to help prepare students for their final English 101 essays.  The Writing Center also finds itself engaged with aiding portfolio requirements, COMPASS testing for incoming Freshmen students, and computerized training labs for English 100, 101, and 102 students.

        The Writing Center attracts all types of students.  Any undergraduate student of learning who wishes to seek assistance from the Writing Center staff to improve and enhance his or her literary knowledge, English, and writing skills is welcome to come by. Additionally, the Writing Center helps prepare students who plan to take the Teachers’ Certification Exam, PRAXIS English and writing tests, and the GRE. The Writing Center also assists with resume planning, graduate school applications, and scholarship applications.

        The Writing Center continues to be a tremendous asset to Alabama A&M University and its surrounding community. As more students seek help to improve their writing and English skills and more instructors find ways to enhance class instruction, the Writing Center becomes the ideal place for scholarly activity.

        Many projects sponsored by the Writing Center attract AAMU students. They include the book club, writing mentorship program, digital media library, and creative writing club. The Writing Center serves over 5000 visitors each year. A new vision for the Writing Center includes a larger venue that is equipped with the necessary resources capable of consecutively tutoring many hundreds of students at once, hosting class sessions and workshops, allowing others to peruse through the writing resource library, space available for listening and watching audio and videos from its digital library catalog, and also enabling a space for book and writing discussions all at the same time and in the same building.

        However, while plans for the future are ongoing, the AAMU Writing Center continues to offer Alabama A&M University students and community a compassion, mentorship, encouragement, service, and team building in helping others become more proficient writers, communicators, and enthusiasts of English and writing. Service is sovereignty at Alabama A&M University, and through service by helping others the AAMU Writing Center strives to build a team of better writers because through T.E.A.M together everyone achieves more.