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Undergraduate Program Overview

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        Alabama A & M University offers a bachelor’s of arts (BS) in Psychology as well as a minor in psychology. The undergraduate program in Psychology offers the lucrative opportunity to understand human behavior using scientific, rigorous methods.  The program provides training to better understand psychology as a science and social tool.  Psychology courses can provide an excellent background for those planning careers in various disciplines.  The faculty and advisors can help you select courses that will provide a strong foundation for your career goals.

The area of psychology is committed to providing the undergraduate psychology major with a broad based academic and experiential exposure to the science of behavior.  With a perspective on empiricism and application skills, the program incorporates human learning, animal behavior, and psycho-physiological laboratory experiences.  The area is bound by the desire to develop students in their quest to learn of psychology and further the frontier of the science.  The area also has a Psychology Club and has membership in the National Honor Society in Psychology (PSI-CHI).

Throughout this website, you will find information to further orient you with the Psychology program here at Alabama A & M University.  Please take advantage of the array of information, including the Undergraduate Catalog, which is at your disposal.  We hope that the information found on our website will stimulate your curiosity, answer many of your initial questions, and better prepare you to consider and explore the rich possibilities that a psychology major or minor can offer. Feel free to see us during our office hours or to send us an email at any time.  We are here to help you get the most out of your intellectual experience at Alabama A & M.​