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Undergraduate Admission Requirements

General Social Work Program General Social Work Program Admission Criteria


There are several steps involved in the admission of students to the Undergraduate Social Work Program at Alabama A&M University.


  1. Admission to the University

  2. Successful completion of pre-requisite and liberal arts courses of 31 hours with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 and no less than a grade â€oeC― in the Introduction to Social Welfare course.

  3. Meeting with your social work faculty advisor to plan your schedule of courses before enrolling in SWK 201 Introduction to Social Work.

  4. Obtaining a Certified Background check via the online website: . A fee is charged.

  5. Obtain an Insurance Card after completing the Service Learning Network Training class. This training is provided during class time in SWK 201. A small fee is charged for coverage by the University.

  6. To decide on a place you would like to volunteer, it is recommended that you use and click on Community Resources. Call the selected agency to schedule an appointment to discuss their volunteer eeds and inquire how you may assist.

  7. Keep your scheduled appointment with the professional who will serve as your supervisor with the agency. Work out the days, hours and duties you will perform. Make sure you will complete 40 volunteer hours by the deadline in the syllabus.

  8. You are to turn in weekly time sheets on Tuesdays for the volunteer hours earned in the previous week. Attached to each time should be a narrative description of what service was performed each day.

  9. Complete 40 of the required 50 hours of volunteer service in a social service agency to qualitfy for an interview for admission into the Social Work program.

  10. Complete the Admissions Application, a typed autobiography, proof of passing the Certified Background Check, and an unofficial transcript. All documents should be given to your instructor who will subsequently schedule the date and time for your interview.

  11. On the day of your interview, you are to dress in professional attire, to arrive at your scheduled time and be prepared to answer questions proposed by the Admissions Committee, composed of faculty members and the Resource Specialist.

  12. You will be notified of the decision of the Committee in writing within one week following the interview.


Liberal Arts Requirements

Social Work depends on selected knowledge, which is subsequently organized in a manner to provide a certain perspective of reality. At Alabama A&M, this knowledge is primarily drawn from Mathematics, World History, Political Science, Economics, English, Biology, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Humanities, Art, and Music. In addition to the knowledge for these areas, certain values and ethics are also extracted for use in conjunction with the knowledge. The liberal arts perspective promotes the idea of graduates as productive citizens of the world.


Major Requirements

The major in Social Work includes the University core curriculum; the requirements of the School of Arts & Sciences; forty-three (43) hours of social work courses, and six (6) hours of electives.


Course Offerings For Other Majors

The Social Work Program offers courses that students with other majors may also take, subject to the guidance of their major advisors and/or School regulations. Those course offerings are:



COURSE NO.                           COURSE TITLE                                         SEM. HRS.

SWK 200                                  Introduction to Social Welfare                            3

SWK 201                                  Introduction to Social Work                                3

SWK 205                                  Gerontology: Study of Older Adults                    3

SWK 301                                  Human Behavior & Social Environment I             3

SWK 302                                  Human Behavior & Social Environment II            3

SWK 303                                  Poverty & Deprivation                                       3

SWK 304                                  Diverse Populations Services                            3

SWK 305                                  Rural Human Services                                      3

SWK 308                                  Black Expereinces                                           3

SWK 311                                  Child Welfare                                                   3

SWK 403                                  Social Welfare Policies & Services                    3

SWK 410                                  Social Work Research Methods                        3

SWK 407                                  Field Instruction                                               8

SWK 407L                                Field Seminar                                                  3

SWK 415                                  Field Seminar in Research                                2