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Instructional Leadership

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Alabama A & M University College of Education Instructional Leadership program prepares educational leaders for the 21st century who promote classroom effective instruction, and who ensure the academic success of all students so that they are prepared to help shape the future well being of the state and the nation.

The Instructional Leadership faculty in the College of Education is committed to an educational leadership program that is research-based and uses best practices about institutions, organizations, and instruction to create learning communities that improve the performance and success of all students.

To this end, the faculty, in alignment with the university’s philosophical perspective of the conceptual framework, is further committed to providing school leader candidates with experiences that will expand their knowledge, enhance their abilities, and shape their dispositions. 


Further, the faculty is committed to helping leader candidates understand, accept, and embrace diversity and equity in the learning and leading process. 


The use of technology is essential for enhancing and supporting teaching, learning, and leading.  The faculty is equally committed to the highest standard of professional and ethical conduct in all actions and interactions associated with teaching, learning, and leading prescribed by professional organizations and associations, the state education department, and the institution.​



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207 Carver Complex North


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