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Visual Art

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Undergraduate Programs

The Visual Art Program offers the Bachelor of Science with a choice of three concentrations:  Art Education, Graphic Design, and Studio Art. 


Art Education concentration serves those students who desire a P-12 teaching career.


Graphic Design concentration serves those students who desire professional careers in graphic design, advertising art, and/or communication graphics.


Studio Art concentration serves those students pursuing a professional career within the visual arts.


All art majors in both teaching and non-teaching areas must earn a grade of C or better in all art courses, as well as maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 G.P.A. or better.  Students will be required to repeat any art course within the program when the minimum grade of C is not achieved.


All art majors should be aware that art courses are usually offered only once a year and some art courses may be offered once every other year with the exception of ART 101 Art Appreciation and ART 300 Teaching Art in the Elementary School.


Graduate Program

The Visual Arts program offers coursework and field experiences leading to the Master of Science with teacher certification (Class A and A –“Alternative”) in Art Education.


Admission Requirements

Applicants to the Graduate Art Education program must in addition to the requirements of the Graduate School:


  • Submit an art portfolio of twenty (20) current images in a JPEG format.
  • Produce documentation of a teaching certificate in Art Education.  (If applicable).
  • Persons who do not hold a bachelor’s degree in art and are interested in pursuing a master’s degree in Art Education may also apply; however, a consultation visit with the Visual Art Program coordinator prior to the application is required.













































































Contact Info

 Dr. Horace Carney


 P:  256.372.5512

 O: 109 Morrison Building


 Mrs. Kimberly Sims


 P:  256.372.4800

 O: 100A Morrison Building