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BS in Physics Degree Curriculum

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This program provides a solid foundation in the fundamentals of classical physics,
modern physics,quantum mechanics and electromagnetic theory while poviding
curriculum flexibility by way of a spectrum of technical electives to pursue
individual interests.

Department Graduation Requirements-121 Credit Hours

1.Complete the University General Education Curriculum requirements.

2.Complete the Department and Major Curriculum requirements.

3.Complete the minimum number of semester credit hours required for graduation.

4. Studentspursuing a minor must fulfillthe prerequisite requirements for any of the18 credit hour courses required for the minor.

5.Students pursuing a program must earn at least 25 percent of the credit hours
 required at Alabama A&M University.

6.Students pursuing a program must earn at least 50 percent of course work in
the major/concentration/specialty area at AAMU.

7. Maintain the grade point averages and course grades noted on each curricula
page for programs, majors, concentrations, minors,courses, etc.

8. Maintain a grade of “C” or better in physics courses.

9. Each lecture course must be taken in conjunction with the corresponding
laboratory course.

10. Majors or minors may not combine lecture or laboratory sequences of
unrelated courses to complete requirements for graduation

11. A laboratory fee is required for each course requiring laboratory activity.
Safety goggles and laboratory aprons are strict requirements for all students in all
laboratory courses. Consistent violations of laboratory safety rules could
result in suspension from the laboratory.