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Courses for Graduate Credit

General Courses

*Required courses for all students.

​*PHY 500

​Analytical Mechanics

​3 sem. hrs.                                     

​PHY 503

​Methods of Mathematical Physics

​3 sem. hrs.

​PHY 504

​Physics in Modern Technology

​1-3 sem. hrs.

​*PHY 505

​Electromagnetic Theory I

​3 sem. hrs.

​PHY 506

​Electromagnetic Theory II

​3 sem. hrs.

​PHY 518

​Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

​3 sem. hrs.

​PHY 519

​Advanced Statistical Mechanics

​3 sem. hrs.

​*PHY 521

​Quantum Mechanics I

​3 sem. hrs.

​PHY 522

​Quantum Mechanics II

​3 sem. hrs.

​PHY 525

​Solid State Physics I

​3 sem. hrs.

​PHY 531

​Mathematical Methods in Applied Physics I

​3 sem. hrs.

​PHY 532

​Mathematical Methods in Applied Physics II

​3 sem. hrs.

​PHY 537

​Advanced Laboratory

​3 sem. hrs.

​PHY 600

​Solid State Physics II

​3 sem. hrs.

​PHY 601


​1- 3 sem. hrs.

​PHY 701

​Applied Solid State Electronics I

​3 sem. hrs.

​PHY 791

​Applied Solid State Electronics II

​3 sem. hrs.

​PHY 792-94

​Selected Topics

​1-4 sem. hrs.



All Master's degree candidates must complete at least 12 semester hours, and all Ph.D. degree candidates must complete 15 semester hours from these general courses.