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Master of Science Degree Requirements

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​Master of Science (Thesis option)

Students must complete at least 24 semester hours of course work with a minimum of 12 hours in an area of concentration, write a thesis on an approved topic under the supervision of a thesis advisor, and satisfactorily defend the thesis before an advisory committee appointed by the department and approved by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.


Master of Science (Non-Thesis option)

Students must complete at least 30 semester hours of course work, with at least 15 of these being in the area of concentration, and pass a comprehensive examination given by the department.


Master of Science (Physics Education option)

Students must complete a minimum of 36 semester hours of graduate credit including the following core courses: 12 semester hours of advisor-approved 500 level courses in Physics, and 24 semester hours from the following courses: SPE 501(0-3 Hr.), EDU 501(3 Hr.), EDU 502(3 Hr.), EDU 503(3 Hr.), EDU 536(3 Hr.), EDU 542(3 Hr.) or *EDU 529, EDU 615(3 Hr.), SED 530(3 Hr.), SED 527(3 Hr.), or EDU 532, and advisor-approved electives (1-3 Hr.) or *EDU 531.


* Required electives for students in State Scholarship Technology program.