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Research Information

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​The Department of Physics houses twenty labs, a Center for the Irradiation of Materials, a NSF Center for Nonlinear Optics and Materials, a departmental library, a glass shop, a Learning Resource Center, a graduate student office to house 23 graduate students, and a machine shop.


​Research Areas

  • Materials Science

  • Nano Technology

  • Optics

  • Space Science


Research Topics

  • Crystal growth from solution, melt, vapor for IR, NLO, and photorefractive materials

  • Growth of IR window materials, SHG materials, and IR detector materials

  • Investigation of polymeric carbon and carbide ware

  • Materials characterization by techniques like, SEM, EPR, RBS, optical and electrical methods, etc.

  • Surface diffusion studies

  • Surface modification studies using Ion implantation

  • Crystal growth modeling

  • Nonlinear optics in organic and photorefractive materials, and nonlinear fiber optics

  • Upconversion lasers

  • Real-time interferometry in photorefractive materials

  • Integrated optics in thin films of polymeric and organic materials

  • Optical phase conjugation in photorefractive materials

  • Study of optical surfaces and lenses

  • Squeezed states: Applications in optical communication

  • Quantum computing

  • Research on optical fiber sensors

  • Optical hole burning

  • Optical computing, optical and optically assisted neural network

  • Planetary and space physics


More Information

  • Equipment
  • Alliances, Centers, Collaborations, and Groups