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Trust for Educational Excellence: Annualized Performance History Report

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The Alabama A&M University Foundation, Inc.

Trust for Educational Excellence

Annualized Performance History Report

Time Weighted Return for Selected Periods


December 31, 2017 


Performance History Report Guide and Disclosures


Performance History Report shows the time weighted return of the portfolio. Time weighted returns are calculated by subtracting the beginning market value from the ending market value and then dividing by the beginning market value for each sub-period. A new sub-period begins each time there is a cash flow. The sub-period returns are then geometrically linked together to calculate the return for the entire period.


The Trust for Educational Excellence is managed by Consequent Capital Management, LLC (CCM). Consequent Capital Management is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.


An index is an unmanaged, broad-based market index, and investing in the portfolio is not similar to investing in an index. An index is not available for direct investment, and the securities in the index will not match the portfolio’s holdings. In addition, unlike an index, the portfolio’s performance will be affected by fees and expenses.


The Trust for Educational Excellence portfolio’s performance results are shown gross of fees and do not reflect the deduction of all fees, expenses and transaction costs.  Returns reflect the reinvestment of any dividends, interest and realized gains. Past performance does not guarantee, and is not necessarily indicative of, future results.  The investment return and principal value of the investment will fluctuate over time. Since Inception date is February 29, 2012.

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General Ledger Accountant
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