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Human Resources Forms

Name and Social Security Change


I-9 Employment Verification



    Employment Forms to Hire New Personnel


    Employment Forms to Advertise New Positions




    Leave Request (includes furlough and compensatory leave)


    Family and Medical Leave Act Forms (FMLA)


    Outside Employment Verification Form


    Performance Evaluations for Staff and Non-Academic Administrative-Supervisory:


    Performance Evaluations for Faculty and Academic Administrators:

    (These forms are managed by the Office of Academic Affairs.  The forms must be submitted directly to the Office of Academic Affairs, Patton Hall 108.)


    Request for Employment Verification


    Request for Information from an Employee's File


    Request to Review/Copy Personnel and/or Benefit File


    New Employee Personnel Forms


    Salary & Wage Administration

    Consultant Forms


    Dental and Vision Enrollment Form


    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodation Request Forms


    Reporting Workplace Injury or Illness Incident


    Tuition Assistance Form


    Payroll Forms

    - Standard Forms for All Employees (Submission Instructions Below):


    - Additional Forms for Full-Time Faculty & Staff (Submission Instructions Below):


    Submission Instructions For the Above Forms:

      1. Graduate Assistant/Part-time/Adjunct Personnel Employment - For initial hire, submit directly to the Office of Human Resources, 4101 Meridian Street.
      2. Bi-weekly Personnel Employment - Submit the above "Standard Forms" to Payroll - Patton Hall Room 105.
      3. For Full-Time Faculty & Staff - After initial hire, submit directly to the Payroll Department - Patton Hall Room 105.