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Health Insurance


Group#: 14000

Provider: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

450 Riverchase Parkway East

P.O. Box 995

Birmingham, AL 35298-0001 

Customer Service: 1-800-327-3994

Website for member login: 

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PEEHIP Premiums for Health Coverage:

PEEHIP Summary of Benefits and Coverage rev.17-18

Effective for October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018


Premium/Surcharge Amount

Single Health Coverage


Family Health Coverage


Non-PEEHIP eligible spouse $307.00

Tobacco User Surcharge

$50.00 - Employee; $50.00 - Spouse


​$38.00 - Single; $50.00 - Family


​$38.00 - Single or Family


​$38.00 - Single or Family

​Hospital Indemnity

​$38.00 - Single or Family


$50.00 - Single or Family​

Wellness Surcharge

$50 - Employee; $50 - Spouse

Flexible Spending Account

Maximum limit for Health FSA=$2,650

Maximum limit for Dependent Care Account = $5,000/household

PEEHIP OPTIONALS: Administers Dental, Vision, Cancer, and Indemnity.

MEDIMPACT: Administers the Core Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy, and EGWP Pharmacy Programs.  For additional prescription drugs coverage information call Medimpact at 1-877-606-0727.


Effective October 2015, eligible PEEHIP members will begin paying a $50 monthly wellness premium if they choose not to participated or fail to complete their requirements prior to the August 31, 2018 deadline.

If you miss the deadline, you will be charged the wellness premium beginning with the October coverage period.  If you complete your wellness requirements after August 31, the wellness premium will be waived prospectively (not retractively).

PEEHIP Contact Information: For more specific questions or concerns, you may contact PEEHIP directly by phone at (877) 517-0020. or (334) 571-7000.

PEEHIP Open Enrollment: July 1 - September 10

Links to PEEHIP Forms and Handbook:

New Enrollment and Status Change Form

Flexible Spending Enrollment Form

Federal Poverty Level Discount Form

Provider Health Screening Form


Member Online Services: