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Internet Native Banner (INB) FAQ


Access to Internet Native Banner (INB) requires special training and access approval. The following FAQs are for users who have completed these requirements.


Q3.1  Do I need access to INB?

A3.1  Faculty and staff use INB to manage financial, student and human resource information. Access to INB is restricted and must be approved. To justify access, users must demonstrate a legitimate need to for access to confidential department data.


Q3.2  How do I obtain access to INB?

A3.2  Please follow the instructions on the Access to Banner page on the left.


Q3.3  Whom do I contact if I can't remember my INB password?

A3.3  Please call the ITS HelpDesk at Ext. 4357.


Q3.4  How do I change my INB login password?


  - Expired password: If your password expires, a pop-up window prompts you to enter a new password. You must enter your old, expired password, enter the new password with confirmation, and then click OK.


  - Change password (not expired or locked): Go to the GUAPSWD form after you login to Banner INB. For more details, see the one pager:  INB Password Guide for details.  


  - Locked password: Call ITS Service Desk at Ext. 4357 for password reset. Passwords do not automatically unlock, so ITS will have to unlock it.


Q3.5  How often does the INB login password expire?

A3.5  Banner INB login passwords expire every 120 days. The Banner system will remind you to change your password prior to expiration.


Q3.6  Are there any restrictions on what I can use for my INB password?

A3.6  We recommend a STRONG Password. An ideal password is long and has letters, punctuation, symbols, and numbers. 


You can use numbers, letters, and special characters in your INB password. However, not all special characters can be used.


The following special characters are allowed: ! * + - / _


The following special characters should not be used: @ # $ % ^ & = ( ) , < > ` ~ ; " : \ ?


NOTE: Do not use spaces in your INB password.


Q3.7  If I try to log into INB numerous times without success, will my account get locked?

A3.7  Yes. After 3 unsuccessful attempts to log into INB, your account will be locked.