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Distance Learning Support

distancelearning.jpgThe new solution first and foremost gives us the following capabilities in support of our distance learning initiatives by enabling new capabilities on the campus such as the following:


  • Delivering one-on-on or multiparty conferencing and document sharing with voice, video calling, instant messaging, and audio & web conferencing – all of these capabilities are required in support of Distance Education initiatives
  • As learners becomes more widespread geographically, collaboration becomes more challenging than ever – and more important – this solutions enables us to deal with students who reside anywhere – either on the campus or remotely anywhere in the world
  • Real-time communication and collaboration ensures easy, ongoing sharing of ideas, lectures, and classroom instruction
  • Interactivity – this solution allows for easy sharing of documents, presentations and classroom instruction in support of the University distance education and training initiatives
  • The instant messaging and web conferencing capability enables Faculty members to engage in virtual tutorial sessions with students